Breinz Empowers Modern Construction Businesses

Much more than an estimating app, Breinz is the ideal, fast and convenient administrative co-driver to work with peace of mind.

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Breinz saves on money and time and lets you spend your administrative time on product improvements.

Breinz solutions

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From estimation to financial analysis

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    Estimators Package

    Prepare the production estimate, send out the plans for quotation, gather all the quotes and fine-tune your estimate.

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    Builders Package

    Prepare and issue Purchase Orders, issue Variations and Contract Adjustments, Send the Progress Claims, and input all the expenses of each job to have an accurate understanding of how the job is running and where the money goes.

With Breinz, you are able to easily track your performance in full detail. It will become an essential tool for you to grow and engage with your clients.
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Simple, transparent pricing

Everything you need to continuously build. 

Simple cloud-base mont-to moth pricing 


Basic features
Ideal for builders with less than five jobs a year, estimators, and Quantity Surveyors


Unlock all features
Best plan for builders who want to look good in the industry and to their clients

Purchase extra users or extra storage in the Admin Panel anytime

Add one extra user for A$6.00 add one GB of Storage: A$3.00 (1 GB)

Comprehensive and always growing Help Center

Explore and learn more about how to use Breinz from estimating and ordering to financial control and scaling your business.

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