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Designed by builders specifically for builders, Breinz is a simple software solution that construction companies use to manage jobs, estimate costs, issue and send  order, send progress claims for the job they've done, and store expenses; all the information in one place, accessible by any device anywhere.

Breinz takes your business into the next level by helping you look good to your clients, staff, and suppliers while saving cost and time.

Orders and Progress Claims at your fingertips.

All the information you need for Orders are in your Production Estimate. Convert them to Orders.

Convert your estimate to Purchase Orders with one click.

Send Orders within the app using your own mail address.

Convert your Orders into Invoices to keep track of the expenses, in seconds.

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Create and send purchase orders on your mobile browser

The recently-designed responsive web app allows you to access, create, edit, approve and send Orders.

Orders, Variations, Progress Claims and Expenses (received invoices) are all accessible from your mobile app, all in one place.

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The easiest way to create a Progress Claim

Create and send Progress Claims in a natural and easy way.

Keep track of all the claims and  client's payments

Claim for Variations and Contract Adjustments in your Progress Claims 

Send the claims within the app using your email address

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Simple, transparent pricing

Everything you need to continuously build.

Simple cloud-base month-to moth pricing


Unlock all features
Best plan for builders who want to look good in the industry and to their clients

Purchase extra users or extra storage in the Administrators Panel anytime

Add one extra user for A$6.00 add one GB of Storage: A$3.00 (1 GB)



Breinz is a beautiful, fully responsive, and mobile-friendly estimating solution.


Customizable templates

Breinz estimating templates can be easily customized to your needs.


Maximize profitability

Breinz Builders Package helps project managers and business owners to provide exceptional service, and maximize efficiency and profitability



Every component and feature is well documented with live examples and tutorials.

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