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What does Breinz offer?

BREINZ  delivers a unique and easy solution for builders to Cost, Manage, and control their jobs in an easy and natural way. Preparing an estimate using templates and live prices provided by real suppliers in your region, Bidding, quoting and preparing the Trade Packages, orders, colour selection documents and Variations, and create and send Progress Claims, are just the beginnings.

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Estimating system

For projects large or small, Breinz Estimating Package delivers a unique and comprehensive solution to all builders. Having your supplier's pricelists or using Breinz Suppliers network helps you and your organization to prepare a job accurate estimate quickly and hassle free.

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Contract Administrators system

You already have the data needed for administration in the estimating stage. You just need to get the quotes, prepare and send Orders, and let the clients to select their colours and fixtures. It is really easy and fast doing all these jobs using BREINZ.

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Project Managers Solution

Time sheets and Daily Site Reports are just the basics to help you manage your jobs. Using Breinz you can find out how your jobs are performing, forecast overs and unders, and find out how you are spending money and were the money goes.

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